Stockbridge, Longstock and Leckford

in the Mid-Test Valley Benefice The Mid Test Benefice (parishes Broughton with Bossington, Houghton, Leckford, Longstock, Mottisfont and Stockbridge

St Mary's Church Longstock. MJS 2016
St Mary's Church Longstock. MJS 2016
The Rector/Vicar for the parishes of the Mid Test Benefice is
The Rev'd Philip Bowden.
            Telephone:  01264810810

If you have concerns here are contact numbers:
Benefice Safeguarding Officer:
David Barnes 01264 810516
Safeguarding email 


Diocesan Safeguarding Officer
Jackie Rowlands 01962 737317
Mobile 07921 865374

The Revd Philip Bowden details above

For safeguarding help outside the church. If you have concerns or want to report abuse phone Hampshire Children/Adult Services on 0300 555 1386 or the police on 101.

In an emergency, or if you suspect you or someone else is in immediate danger, phone 999.

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BBC Front Page News

Coronavirus: 14-day quarantine for Covid contacts could be reduced

It comes as a senior Conservative MP criticises leaders of NHS Test and Trace, urging "decisive" change.

School meals: Pressure mounts on government to reverse decision

Tory MPs join some 2,000 doctors in voicing concern, as Labour threatens to push for another vote.

Covid: Wales' lockdown supermarket rules to be reviewed

A petition is demanding an end to the ban on store sales of "non-essential" items such as clothes.

US election 2020: Trump in three-state campaign blitz after casting vote

The US president's frenetic schedule saw him visiting three key states in one day after voting in Florida.

Covid-19: Possible changes to quarantine and a review of Wales' shopping rules

Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic today.

Strictly Come Dancing: NHS tribute as live shows begin

Hosts Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly pay tribute to frontline workers before the dancing begins.

France recalls Turkey envoy after Erdogan says Macron needs 'mental check'

France recalls its ambassador after President Erdogan suggests French leader needs "mental check".

Nigeria protests: Police chief deploys 'all resources' amid street violence

The shooting of unarmed protesters earlier this week sparked the worst street violence seen in two decades.

BBC news for Hampshire

Hampshire farm opens Covid-safe pick your own pumpkin attraction

A Hampshire farm that sells 60,000 pumpkins a year has opened a Covid-safe pick-your-own attraction.

University of Portsmouth student suspended over street party

Two large gatherings outside a hall of residence were broken up by police on Friday.

Coronavirus: Non-league football restarts with 30% crowds

When non-league football was suspended in March, many clubs like Bashley FC struggled to survive.

Timothy Brehmer murder trial: PC 'planned emotional blackmail'

The prosecution says PC Timothy Brehmer had "showered misery over all manner of people".

Hampshire police unit supervisor 'sent emails to run football club'

He is one of six members of Hampshire's Serious and Organised Crime Unit facing misconduct charges.

Motorbike crash victim Guntis Beitans was 'always happy'

Guntis Beitans, from London, was riding a Suzuki motorcycle when the crash happened in Southampton.

Southampton Airport expansion: consultation starts over latest runway plans

Some residents could receive grants for double glazing and loft insulation to cut noise levels.

Hotel scrapped from Southampton's medieval walls revamp

The hotel planned for the site alongside the medieval town walls is dropped and more flats are added.

AskTen - Nine things you may not have noticed last week!



1. Government claims technical glitch behind surge in Covid cases. Nearly 16,000 cases of coronavirus were not entered into the national computer system used for official figures because of a technical glitch, Public Health England says. Some of the unreported cases were then added to Saturday's figure of 12,872 new cases and Sunday's 22,961 figure. It said all of the cases "received their Covid-19 test result as normal, but contacts of those who tested positive had not been approached." BBC

2. What are the Covid rules where you live? Coronavirus rules vary depending on whether you live in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Millions of people are also affected by extra local restrictions. Find out what the rules are in your area by simply entering your postcode. READ MORE

3. Contentious Brexit bill heads to Lords after passing Commons. The Brexit bill that controversially breaches international law has passed its final House of Commons hurdle. The internal market bill, which gives ministers the power unilaterally to rewrite elements of the withdrawal agreement with the EU, passed its third reading by 340 votes to 256 and will now go to the House of Lords, where it is expected to face stiffer opposition. The Guardian

4. Selling yourself on your resume. Job seekers often fall short when trying to stand out using their resumes and other application materials. They simply list their job duties and description as their resume. That’s really a big mistake. Instead of that approach, try this: [1] Reflect on your career and latest job; [2] Use results to show your value; [3] Tell them what sets you apart from others; [4] Catch the eye of the reader; [5] Keep the resume focused. This piece of advice was given to a delegate on 10/10, our acclaimed leadership development and mentoring programme. READ MORE


5. The delicate art of tense conversation. Even the most conflict-averse among us will inevitably end up in a difficult, tense conversation every now and again. No matter the topic - politics, ethics, strategy, and divorce - we can prepare for this moment by embracing what we call conversational receptiveness. Among other things, this involves actively working to make sure you understand and acknowledge your conversation partner's point of view, even if you don't agree with it. Such openness yields dividends, paving a path to agreement and continued discussion. Editor

6. Pandemic puts paid to retirement. One in eight older workers are planning to retire later than they had intended as the coronavirus pandemic takes its toll on Britons’ finances, according to research. The Institute for Fiscal Studies found that about a quarter of employees over the age of 54 were furloughed in June to July, with a fifth of the remainder working shorter hours - halting a decade-long rise in the number of over-50s in employment. It’s prompted calls for the government to implement greater support for older workers, akin to the Kickstart scheme aimed at young people. Financial Times

7. Ban on plastic straws starts in England. Single-use plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds are now banned in England. The new ruling makes it illegal for businesses to sell or supply the items, however, hospitals, bars and restaurants will still be permitted to provide plastic straws to people with disabilities or conditions that require them. England uses an estimated 4.7bn plastic straws, 316m stirrers and 1.8bn plastic-stemmed cotton buds annually. The Independent

8. Hopes rise for Covid-19 vaccination by Easter. Every adult in the country could receive a coronavirus vaccine by Easter, claims The Times. Scientists working on the Oxford vaccine hope it could be approved by regulators by January, with some health officials estimating that every adult could receive a dose within six months. However, others say it could take as long as a year before everyone who was eligible received the vaccine. The Telegraph

9. The bottom line. Divorce boom forecast as lockdown sees advice queries rise. The coronavirus pandemic is creating an "enormous strain" on relationships, an advice charity has warned, with family lawyers predicting a "post-lockdown divorce boom". Citizens Advice said views on its divorce webpage during September were up 25% compared with the same month in 2019. BBC

Covid Updates for Hampshire

Click the the latest news on Covid within Stockbridge

The latest BBC Video News clips

Breast cancer survivors launch bra fitting service

Kate Courtman and Sarah Mountford set up the Bra Sisters to help women find bras post-mastectomy.

Colin Firth with Secret Garden co-stars on children's book's latest adaptation

Children's classic The Secret Garden has been reopened for a new generation of young film-lovers.

'Crack den' tweets 'taken out of context', MP says

Conservative Ben Bradley was accused by Labour of "stigmatising working class families" over free school meals.

Covid blood plasma donation: What is blood plasma?

The NHS wants us to donate blood plasma to help fight Covid-19. But why?

Covid-19: Maureen Eames went viral for expressing her views on new South Yorkshire restrictions

Maureen Eames hit the headlines when her views about new Covid rules in South Yorkshire went viral.

Road worker: 'Drag helped me through lockdown'

Road worker Mark Preston swaps his pneumatic drill and hi-vis for a microphone and wig.

Manchester United's Marcus Rashford and his mum help out at foodbank

Charity FareShare has named a new warehouse after the footballer's mother, Melanie.

Wrecks visible in River Severn 60 years after disaster

New drone footage shows the remains of two barges involved in the Severn Railway Bridge disaster.