A book by Geoff Merritt

A Glimpse of Stockbridge Past

By Geoff Merritt

- a treasure trove of photographic memories of Stockbridge

Having worked in Stockbridge for almost 50 years, Geoff has, for over 40 of them, been collecting postcards, photos, news, anecdotes and memories all about Stockbridge .Now he has put them together in a book, which is supported by the Court Leet.

There are pictures on nearly every page and you will find chapters on the railway, its closure and the demolition of its huge bridge, as well as the building of the roads and roundabouts that replaced it. More pictures show the demolition of the River Test’s old bridge and the building of the new one.

You can also learn about the old Workhouse, the floods, the ancient pubs and inns, carnivals, the Fire Brigade and Stockbridge at war .Everyone living in Stockbridge will enjoy browsing through this fascinating collection of memories.

                                                                                                           Paola Kalisperas

The book is on sale in various outlets in Stockbridge, including The Co-op, John Robinson’s, Broughton Crafts and the Body Barn. The price is £15 per copy, with the proceeds going towards the Courts Baron & Leet’s fund for the upkeep of Stockbridge Down and the Common Marsh.