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Farmers markets for Longstock. There are lots on this site now. It is really worth a browse. Currently it is quite slow finding the markets so wait a few seconds for the list of markets to appear.

Local Food and Drink

The Co-operative Food

High Street, Stockbridge SO20 6EU, UK – 01264 810519

Staff are great but the stock can be limited. The shop is sometimes spoilt by "stuck up customers" . Try the King Alfred sausages they are great

great shop for shopping some good savings and fantastic bargains, fresh sandwiches, and when you walk through the door you are greeted with the smell of baked hot cross buns, the bakery goods are so good. the staff all work well and are very helpful to serve you.

Woodfire Pizza

9 High St, Stockbridge SO20 6EX, UK – 01264 810248

Delicious food, good service, reasonable prices. I’d recommend booking in advance for the most favourable seats, but there are plenty of others.

Fast, friendly service. Wood oven was either running a bit hot or their timing was out because pizza #1 was burnt through. Pizza #2 - The Replacement - was perfect though. One and a half pizzas later I'm stuffed. Good and tasty, prices pretty standard these days and no problems aside from previously stated.

Thyme & Tides Deli

The High Street, Stockbridge SO20 6HE, UK – 01264 810101

The deli is cyclist friendly so a great stop on a day out. Food is ok, but a bit on the expensive side and our order did get forgotten, so I was day watching my friends finish their cakes before mine had even arrived. Did get an extra hot chocolate for our troubles though :)

Nice caf'e and small deli good service from friendly staff, garden tables at the back of shop, Also great sea food.

BigBarn has a totally brilliant map for Hampshire showing all the local food producers. So if you want to know where your food comes from look no further!


The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company was established 26 years ago when the Smith family returned from India, where for two generations we had been involved with tea. The website contains information about all the different teas and coffees supplied together with regular updates on new additions to the range.

Coffee, tea, chocolates and pretty china and good gift ideas.


Wine and other drinks from Tesco online