St Mary Easter 2018

Pet service 2017

16 July 2017 Pet Service

St Peters

St Peters from Clock Tower

St Mary's in snow

by Gary Oliver

St Mary in the snow by Gary Oliver

Water Gardens Longstock Park

Longstock Park Water Gardens

Flower Festival 2012. All the Twelves

London 2012

Glorious 12th

Bakers Dozen

The clock struck 12

12 inches to a foot


St Mary's in Flower

18.3.18. Lych gate in snow

18.3.18. in the snow

St Mary and Lych Gate

St Mary in Silouette Paul Kidd

St Nicholas

Flower Festival 2011

Blue Lagoon

English Garden by Font

Flowers in the mist

Jungle Book

Winnie the Pooh

St Peter's at Christmas

St Peter 2010 with tree

St Peter with tree and snow

St Peter's Christmas Eve 2010

Harvest 2010

Harvest Flowers by the Pulpit

Harvest Window

Flower Festival 2010

Celebrating Motherhood

Celebration African Style

Celebration in Blue (Joan W)

FF 2010 Celebrating the English Garden

FF 2010 Great-Grandmothers

FF 2010 Ladies Day at Ascot

FF 2010. Celebrating Talent

FF Pearl Wedding

Flower Fest 2009

Finding Nemo

Easter Chicken

Easter Chicken

Prayer Banner

This prayer banner was made during a Day of Prayer held in St Peter's Church in April 2008. - using materials and wool donated. The inspiration was basically the concept of the mystery of prayer flowing up to heaven and back down to earth. The picture for this concept is vividly portrayed in the Bible in Revelation Chapter 8 verses 3 - 5.

The veil is from 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 verse 12.
'Now we see but a poor reflection as in a morrow; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.'

Prayer Banner showing clouds

Flower Festival 2008 - Musical Arrangements

Bicycle Song

Bicycle Song

Country Garden

English Country Garden

Keep the Home Fires Burning

Keep The Home Fires Burning

O Sol O Mio

O Sol O Mio

Rhythym of Life

Rhythym of Life

Shine On

Shine On

Church Seasons

Pilgrimage May 2008

Benefice Pilgrimage

25 from the Benefice and surrounding area went to Jordan and the Sinai from 20 – 29 May.

We all had a wonderful time – seeing Lake Galilee from Umm Quais, Jerash, beautiful Petra and the dramatic Wadi Rum. The group then went over the Gulf of Aquaba to Egypt (the Asian side) and into Sinai. An early morning climb to the top of Mount Sinai was exhilarating – some walking and others going by camel. On return to Jordan we travelled to the Dead Sea – visiting Bethany beyond Jordan and floating in the dead sea – a great experience.

Dead Sea

Looking over the Dead Sea to Jerusalem

Mt Sinai

Camel station at foot of Mt Sinai

St Catherines

St Catherines Monastery

Wadi Rum

Camels at Wadi Rum