Tuesday Service

Tuesday mornings: 9.30am Said Holy Communion in Rosalind Hill House, High Street, Stockbridge: Open to all

Morning Prayer

On Weekdays, Monday - Friday, Morning Prayer is said in St Peter’s each day from 8.30am to 8.55 and we welcome anyone who wishes to join us at this time.

Sunday and Christmas Services December 2019

December 2019 Mid Test Benefice

22 December   Advent 4   Purple
8.00am: Broughton:   Said HC BCP   Revd Philip Bowden
9.30am: Houghton: Parish Communion   Revd Philip Bowden
10.00am: Longstock: Crib Service   Maddie H and Beth O
11.00am: Mottisfont: Family Communion   Revd Philip Bowden
3.00pm: Mottisfont: Carol Service   Revd Philip Bowden
5.00pm: Broughton: Carol Service   Chris Lloyd

6.00pm: Stockbridge: Lesson and Carols with St Thomas More   Revd Philip Bowden
6.00pm: Bossington: Meditation   David Livermore

Christmas Eve 24 December   White/Gold
3.00pm: Mottisfont: Crib Service LWL
4.30pm: Broughton: Crib Service   Revd Philip Bowden
Stockbridge: The Christmas Story   LWL
11.30pm: Broughton: Midnight Communion   Revd John Reynolds
11.30pm: Stockbridge: Midnight Communion   Revd Philip Bowden


Christmas Day 25 December   White/Gold
9.00am: Leckford: Said Holy Communion   Revd Bob Green
9.30am: Mottisfont: Christmas Communion   Revd Bruce Hartnell
9.30am: Bossington: Holy Communion (BCP) Revd Philip Bowden
10.00am: Longstock: All Age Christmas with short communion   Revd Bob Green
10.00am: Broughton: Family Communion   Revd Warwick Heathcote
11.00am: Houghton: Family Communion   Revd Philip Bowden

29 December    Christmas 1     White/Gold 10.00am: Leckford: Benefice Service     Revd Philip Bowden

Services for January 2020

Church Services for January 2020

5 January     Epiphany     White
8.00am: Leckford: Said Holy Communion
9.30am: Broughton: Parish Communion  
11.00am: Stockbridge: All Age Worship
3.00pm: Sunday Teas at St Peter’s Church

12 January     Baptism of Christ     White
8.00am: Broughton: Said Holy Communion
9.30am: Bossington: BCP Communion
9.30am: Broughton: Bible Uncovered   LWL
Longstock: All Age Worship  
11.00am: Mottisfont: Messy Church   LWL
Stockbridge: Parish Communion  
6.00pm: Houghton: Evensong  

19 January   Epiphany 3   White
8.00am: Old St Peter: Said Holy Communion
9.30am: Broughton: Parish Communion  
9.30am: Longstock: Morning Worship  
9.30am: Mottisfont: Holy Communion BCP  
10.45am: Stockbridge: Mattins  
6.00pm: Leckford: Evensong 

26 January   Epiphany 4   White
8.00am: Broughton:   Said HC BCP  
9.30am: Longstock: Parish Communion  
9.30am: Broughton: Family Service with Baptism  
9.30am: Houghton: Parish Communion  
11.00am: Stockbridge: Parish Communion    
11.00am: Mottisfont: Family Communion
6.00pm: Bossington: Meditation