Tuesday Service

Tuesday mornings: 9.30am Said Holy Communion in Rosalind Hill House, High Street, Stockbridge: Open to all

Morning Prayer

On Weekdays, Monday - Friday, Morning Prayer is said in St Peter’s each day from 8.30am to 8.55 and we welcome anyone who wishes to join us at this time.

March 2018

Services for Leckford, Longstock and Stockbridge March 2018

Sunday 18 March   Lent 5   Purple   Passiontide Begins
.00am: Old St Peter: Said Holy Communion Revd Andrew Warner
9.30am: Longstock Service Cancelled due to snow
10.45am: Stockbridge St Peter: All Age Worship  
6.00pm: Leckford: Evensong   Revd Bob

25 March   Palm Sunday
10.15am: Old St Peter meeting point for brief readings and hymn then processing
10.45am: Stockbridge St Peter: Palm Sunday Service with short communion. Leckford, Longstock & Stockbridge together                                             Revd Michael Norton

26 March   Monday of Holy Week    Red
7.30pm: Stockbridge:   Compline   SG/MH/BO

27 March   Tuesday of Holy Week   Red
7.30pm:   Longstock: Compline   SG/BO/MH

28 March  Wednesday of Holy Week   Red
7.30pm: Leckford: Compline   SG/BO/MH

29 March    Maundy Thursday   White
7.30pm: Stockbridge: Maundy Thursday Liturgy (Washing of feet)   Revd Michael Norton                                                                                                                    

30 March     Good Friday     No Hangings
10.30am: Longstock: Good Friday Walk and readings: Meeting at St Mary’s Church   BO/MS
200pm: Stockbridge:   Lent Vigil    Revd Mike Norton


Services for April 2018

Services for Leckford, Longstock and Stockbridge April 2018

Sunday, 2 April     Easter Day   White   Alleluia He is Risen
8.00am: Leckford: Said Holy Communion     Revd Bob Green
9.30am: Longstock:   All Age Worship including short Celtic Communion     Revd Michael Norton
10.45am: Stockbridge: Easter Holy Communion Service     Revd Mike Norton

Sunday 8 April   Easter 2   White
9.30am: Longstock:   All Age Worship   SG/BO/MH

Sunday 15 April       Easter 3       White
8.00am: Old St Peter: Said Holy Communion     Revd Bob Green
9.30am: Longstock:   Morning Worship     MH/BO
10.45am: Stockbridge: All Age Worship
6.00pm: Leckford: Evensong     Revd Bob Green

Sunday 22 April   Easter 4   White
9.15am: Longstock: Parish Communion   Revd Bob Green
10.45am: Stockbridge: Parish Communion   Revd Michael Norton

Sunday 29 April   Easter 5   White
10.00am: Leckford:   Benefice Communion Service   Revd Bob Green

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Information about Lent Courses: This year, we are using the Lent Material from ‘York Courses’ Their five session Lent Course this year is called ‘On the Third Day’ and has been written by Bishop John Pritchard (the former Bishop of Oxford)The  remaining session is:   
5.  A risen Church.

Last Session Wednesday 21 March