Stockbridge, Longstock and Leckford


Parishes of Leckford, Longstock and Stockbridge are in vacancy.
Please contact churchwardens with any queries.
Dawn Williams.  Leckford 810724
Maddie Hedley. Longstock 810284
Geoff Cox. Stockbridge 810055
Pauline Webster. Stockbridge 810827  (all with code 01264)

BBC Front Page News

Skripal poisoning: Salisbury residents told area is safe

Officials insist the city is safe after a warning to residents there may still be toxic hotspots of Novichok.

Chingford fire: Resident dies in care home blaze

Twelve people manage to get out of the building in north-east London before firefighters arrive.

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal boss to leave club at end of season

Manager Arsene Wenger is to leave Arsenal at the end of the season, bringing to an end a near 22-year reign at the club.

Commonwealth meeting: Leaders discuss who will succeed Queen as head

Commonwealth leaders are meeting to discuss their next head with the Queen backing Prince Charles.

Kardashians pull the plug on Dash fashion stores

Kim Kardashian West and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe opened the first store in California in 2006.

Windrush: Alan Johnson says landing cards decision was made in 2009

Former Labour home secretary says the "administrative decision" was made by UK Border Agency officials.

Comey memos detailing conversations of Trump meetings published

Detailed notes by the former FBI director document sensitive conversations with the US president.

UK weather: Why this isn't a heatwave... yet

People across the UK have been enjoying unusually warm weather, but when can we call it a heatwave?

BBC news for Hampshire

US veteran pays tribute to SS Leopoldville troopship

More than 800 people drowned when the ship was torpedoed on its way from Southampton to Cherbourg.

Southampton arts centre delays 'cost council £16m'

Southampton's Studio 144 development was not robustly managed, a leaked council report says.

'Theme park therapy' helps son to come alive, says mum

Robbie has the mental age of a two-year-old and is normally quiet and withdrawn.

Plastic straw and cotton bud ban proposed

Plan for a ban in England is announced as Commonwealth leaders are urged to tackle plastic waste.

Man charged with Andover alley stab murder

Tommy Ferris was found stabbed in an alleyway and was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

QE2 relaunched as floating hotel in Dubai

The legendary liner has been in the UAE since leaving its former home part of Southampton in 2008.

Portsmouth Port jobs saved by wind blade contract

Portsmouth's MMD Shipping Services says the deal with MHI Vestas is a "game-changer".

UK confirms post-Brexit passport deal with Gemalto

The Franco-Dutch firm will make the UK's post-Brexit blue passports as De La Rue accepts defeat.

AskTen - Ten things you may not have noticed last week!

  1. Social media advertising to overtake television. Social media will leapfrog television and become the UK’s biggest advertising format within two years, according to eMarketer. It is predicted that more than a fifth of all advertising spend will be on social networks in 2020. Outlay on social networks will reach 20.2%, up from 16.1%, this year, overtaking broadcast television spending, which will decline from 19.6% to 17.8%. Daily Telegraph
  2. Automation will put 66m people in peril says OECD. An automation revolution will put 66m people at risk of being replaced by machines in the coming years, says the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. The influential economic think-tank found that the most vulnerable workers were less likely to be receiving help than those whose jobs were more secure. However, Britain was named as one of the countries that would be least affected by automation. The Guardian
  3. The world's safest (and least safe) airlines. Last year was statistically the safest on record for air travel, according to the Aviation Safety Network (ASN). The ASN found there were 10 fatal commercial passenger and cargo air crashes which killed a total of 44 people, way down on the five-year average of 17 crashes with 495 deaths. Of the 409 airlines analysed the top twenty for safety included British Airways, with Qantas being the stand-out winner. Those rated one star (out of seven) for safety all hailed from either Afghanistan, Indonesia, Nepal or Suriname. The Independent
  4. Milky Way ‘growing at 1,600ft per second. The Milky Way is expanding at 1,640ft per second, researchers say. A team from the Astrophysical Institute of the Canaries in Tenerife calculated the rate of growth by observing similar galaxies using a range of telescopes on Earth. The galaxy, which contains our solar system, will eventually merge with Andromeda. BBC
  5. Gender pay gap revealed as deadline passes. Almost eight in ten firms and public-sector bodies pay men more than women, according to new figures. Midnight last night was the deadline for firms in the UK with 250 or more employees to publish data revealing the extent of the gap between what they pay women and what they pay men. Some 10,014 organisations filed details. The Guardian
  6. Luxury space hotel to open in 2021. A private firm has unveiled plans to open the first ever luxury space hotel in 2021, with the first guests staying the following year. Orion Span says six people, including two crew, will spend 12 days at a time in the hotel, which will orbit the Earth. Guests will be able to watch an average of 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours and try out space experiments. National Geographic
  7. Is the Queen related to the Prophet Muhammad? Historians are claiming the Queen is a descendant of the founder of Islam. After tracing her family tree back 43 generations, a Moroccan newspaper said Elizabeth II's bloodline runs through the Earl of Cambridge in the 14th century, across medieval Muslim Spain, to Fatima, the Prophet's daughter. A similar claim was made in 1986 by Burke's Peerage, a British authority on royal pedigrees. Daily Mail
  8. New political party will break Westminster mould. A new political party aiming to "break the Westminster mould" has been secretly under development for more than a year by a network of entrepreneurs, philanthropists and donors. The centrist party, with access to up to £50m in funding, has been created by people frustrated by the tribal nature of politics, the polarisation caused by Brexit and the standard of political leadership on all sides. The Observer
The bottom line. The government has spent £800m on a borders system that is intended to log every entry into and departure from the UK. Yet the Home Office has lost track of more than 600,000 foreigners who should have left the country between 2015 and last year. The Economist

The latest BBC Video News clips

Tributes as Tessa Jowell visits Commons for cancer debate

Speaker John Bercow was among those who paid tribute to Tessa Jowell, as she returned to the Commons to attend a debate on cancer treatment.

Alex Skeel: 'My abusive girlfriend threatened to kill me'

Alex Skeel, 22, was beaten, stabbed and starved by his partner for five years.

Five things to do while waiting for VAR

VAR (visual assistant referee) has been trialled in the FA Cup this year, but some fans complain it takes too long.

UK weather: Why this isn't a heatwave... yet

People across the UK have been enjoying unusually warm weather, but when can we call it a heatwave?

Ghost towers still stand after 20 years

What is the future for these cooling towers still dominating the skyline after half a century?

Stella McCartney: Fashion is swamping our planet

Designer Stella McCartney says fashion is a medieval industry, which produces a huge amount of waste.

'Greatest' distance runner showdown at London Marathon

Four of the world's top male distance runners battle it out at the London marathon.

George Ginn has sold records in Brighton for 50 years

It's Record Store Day on Saturday, but for George, a seller of vinyl since 1962, it's a normal day.