Stockbridge, Longstock and Leckford


St Peters from Clock Tower.Photo by Paul Kidd.JPG
St Peters from Clock Tower.Photo by Paul Kidd.JPG
Parishes of Leckford, Longstock and Stockbridge are in vacancy.
Please contact churchwardens with any queries.
Dawn Williams.  Leckford 810724
Maddie Hedley. Longstock 810284
Geoff Cox. Stockbridge 810055
Pauline Webster. Stockbridge 810827  (all with code 01264)

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US slaps 'America First' tariffs on washing machines and solar panels

Producers in China and South Korea will be hit hardest by President Trump's trade moves.

US shutdown: Trump hails 'big win' and says Democrats caved in

The president hails a "big win" for Republicans after the end of a three-day government shutdown.

UN flag no longer offers 'natural protection' to peacekeepers

The organisation's flag and blue helmets no longer offer "natural protection", a new report says.

Jazz legend Hugh Masekela dies

The South African musician died aged 78 after a "courageous battle with cancer", his family say.

Alaska quake prompts tsunami alert

A tsunami alert is issued after an 8.0-strength earthquake off the southern Alaska coast.

Zimbabwe family leave Bangkok airport after three months

Four Zimbabwean adults and four children refused to return home but could not re-enter Thailand.

Avalanche kills one in Japan ski resort after volcanic eruption

A soldier training in the area was killed when an avalanche and volcano happened at the same time.

Syria offensive: Turkey warns US over Kurdish militia group

Turkey says the US must end support for the YPG militia, which it is fighting in northern Syria.

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Sex abuse survivor tells story in bid to encourage others

Tim Verity wants more people to talk about male sex abuse after seeing his abuser jailed years later.

Anger over 'stinking seaweed' in Emsworth street

Piles of seaweed were washed ashore during Storm Eleanor at the start of January.

New chief for Southampton Airport

Derek Provan will take on the roles of chief executive of AGS Ltd and managing director of Glasgow Airport.

The Hampshire school where pupils are learning to move

The deputy head of a Hampshire primary school runs five miles a day to inspire his pupils to exercise more.

Three passengers die in a two-car crash near Lasham

The three dead were all passengers in the one car aged between 77 and 90 years of age.

'Ice Maiden' team celebrates Antarctica ski record

The women, who are all part of the British Army, completed their challenge in two months.

Farewell flypast

The farewell flypast was organised to mark the helicopter's 40 years of service.

Schoolchildren given lessons on managing money

The five to nine-year-olds have been learning about money and debt for 18 months.

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Sex abuse survivor tells story in bid to encourage others

Tim Verity wants more people to talk about male sex abuse after seeing his abuser jailed years later.

Joey Barton speaks out about gambling addiction

The footballer says he thinks he'll always be in recovery from the addiction.

The good A&E facing unprecedented winter pressures

How a hospital with some of the best NHS waiting times ended up with patients waiting in corridors.

Who is Princess Eugenie?

Here's all you need to know about the latest member of the Royal Family to announce their engagement.

Not just 'winged rats': Inside the Crufts of the pigeon world

What happens when thousands of people descend on Blackpool for the annual racing pigeon show?

Duke's joy at Eugenie's engagement

The Duke of York says he is "absolutely overjoyed" Princess Eugenie will wed Jack Brooksbank.

UKIP: Why have post-Farage party leaders not lasted?

The party has been through a number of leadership changes recently.

Mother 'lives' for brain damaged 19-year-old daughter

Bridget was born with severe medical problems after her mother was prescribed an epilepsy drug during pregnancy.

AskTen - Ten amazing things you may not have known last week

  1. How to use 's and s' correctly.Overworked leaders and managers with little time might think that improving their writing is a tedious or even frivolous exercise. But inappropriate use of the apostrophe let’s most people down. This punctuation mark is used to show possession or to replace missing letters. While leaders and managers often struggle with grammar rules involving apostrophes, you can learn a few simple guidelines that will help you use an apostrophe with confidence, and set a good example: [MORE]
  2. Statistic of the week.In the five months from June, more than 24,000 attempts were made to access “inappropriate” websites from the Houses of Parliament – even though Parliament was not sitting for much of that time. That amounts, on average, to 160 a day. Allegedly, most were accidental. The Times
  3. Good week to be a man. Men are enjoying more leisure time than they did 15 years ago – while women have less. According to the Office for National Statistics, men spent 43 hours a week on leisure activities in 2015, up from 42.88 hours in 2000. In the same period, women’s leisure time fell to 38.35 hours, from 39.24. Other surveys suggest that women spending more time caring for adult relatives may be behind the growing disparity. Daily Mail
  4. Consumer spending falls by 0.3%. Household spending declined by 1% on an annual basis in December, rounding off the worst year for consumer spending across the UK since 2012. Annual consumer spending fell by 0.3% during the whole of 2017 from the previous year’s level – the first annual decline in half a decade. The Economist
  5. Where did house prices rise fastest in 2017?House prices rose faster in the East Midlands and Wales than anywhere else in the UK last year, according to the Halifax. The mortgage lender said both areas saw prices rise by 8%. There were also big price gains in the West Midlands, where prices climbled 5%, and the South West, with a spike of 4.9%. In London, prices rose by just 1%, the slowest increase for six years. The Independent
  6. Teachers warn of ‘epidemic of stress’ in profession. Figures obtained by the Lib Dems show 3,750 teachers were signed off on long-term sick leave last year in England – and teachers’ unions say the cause is an “epidemic of stress” in the underfunded profession. One union said teachers “work more unpaid overtime than any other profession” and face a “punitive” accountability system. The Guardian
  7. Good week for Dorset homeowners. The owners of four houses on the Sandbanks peninsula found that their properties had increased in value from £1.8m to £2m overnight after Storm Eleanor blew down a 50ft conifer that had been partially blocking the view of Poole Harbour. “All my dreams have come true,” said one of the owners. Evening Standard
  8. Sugar addiction blamed as childhood tooth extraction soars. Addiction to sugar means nearly 43,000 children underwent hospital surgery to remove multiple teeth last year - 170 a day. "This concerning trend shows there is an urgent need to introduce measures to curb our sugar addiction which is causing children's teeth to rot," said the Local Government Association. Daily Express
  9. Quote of the week. "The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don't wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope." Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States, quoted in The Times.
The bottom line. Britons spent an average of €1,300 on clothes and shoes in 2016 – 5.6% of household budgets, according to Eurostat. By comparison, the French spent just €700 (3.8%). Metro